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Pill Pitfalls: Tips to Make Sure Your Medication is Safe CBS News - May 22, 2012
CBS News drug safety article tells consumers who personally import medication to only use credentialed websites, such as those approved in the Verification Program.
The Wrong Way to Stop Fake Drugs New York Times - April 22, 2012
Lead op-ed in the New York Times calls for helping more Americans safely buy affordable medication online and mentions safety of verified foreign pharmacies. "Foreign versions of drugs can cost roughly half what they do in the United States. For the millions of Americans who are uninsured or underinsured, buying from international, credentialed online pharmacies could provide access to the medicines they need at a price they can afford."
When Buying Drugs Online, First Consider the Source Wall Street Journal - April 2, 2012
Medicines sold by verified pharmacies are authentic. "'That would lead me to believe these credentialed sites most of the time, if not all of the time, are selling good quality drugs,' says Roger Bate, one of the authors of the study."
How to Cut Your Drug Costs U.S. News and World Report - July 28, 2011
Listed among other effective ways to save money on prescription drugs, the article notes that PharmacyChecker "...compares prices of mail-order pharmacies, and can help you find the lowest posted prices."
Drug Discount: 5 Ways to Save at the Pharmacy U.S. News and World Report - Sept. 2010
"The Pharmacy Checker website provides a useful tool for comparing drug prices among reputable online pharmacies."
10 Things the FDA Will Not Tell You Smart Money - January 31st 2011
"'s an open secret that individuals aren't prosecuted for bringing back legal meds from other countries - so long as they're for personal use... 'Almost all prescription orders personally imported reach the consumer,' says Gabriel Levitt, the vice president of"
Counterfeit Drugs and Internet Smarts The Wall Street Journal - Nov. 2009
"Drugs bought over the Internet showed that as long as the sites were approved by a government agency, like U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or a private credentialing agency like, one runs almost no risk."
Cut Costs, Not Care Los Angeles Times - Dec. 2008
"Consumer Reports Best Buy Drugs advises checking online prices, for U.S. and foreign pharmacies, at"
Canadian Online Pharmacies A Better Deal for Meds - September 20th, 2005
"Eisenberg and his colleagues used an online company,, which evaluates Canadian Internet pharmacies, to find sites that met key safety standards-including proper licensing of the supplying pharmacy and requirements that consumers submit a doctor's prescription."
Run for the Border MarketWatch - July 2004
"If no generic equivalent exists, consider at least peaking over the border. Pharmacy Checker, at, provides free price comparisons between U.S. and Canadian online pharmacies for most medicines "